I’m Alive! Or On Why You Haven’t Heard From Me in A Long While

Hello, blogging world!  Been a while since you’ve heard from me, eh? 😀

The past few months since my last update has been spectacularly busy and I haven’t had the time to write, let alone do anything for leisure.  But it’s all good, because for the first time in a while, I was working for something.  It was like life was giving me a second chance—or, to be more accurate, a good taste of it.

For those who haven’t read the last few posts, the sob story of my life is that I’ve been given the good boot out of my work because of, I’ll admit, my own failures and shortcomings.  It was a rude wake-up call that I spent months agonizing over, and to be honest, I can’t say I’ve fully recovered.  It’s like coming from a bad breakup—you can pick up the pieces and walk on just fine, but that won’t mean you won’t get the urge to punch your ex every time you see him.  (Distance, my friend, distance.)

Not that I’d want to punch my ex-workplace or anywhere near it, but you get the picture.

However, I digress.

Haven’t you heard that I’m gonna be OK? Source: sourceofinsight.com

Early this year, I’ve gotten a call from another hospital saying that I was being considered for their training program (because no one here ever gets hired without going through some program at some point).  I tried to downplay the impact of the message for me, but the truth was that it felt like a jolt to my fibrillating sense of purpose, a needed jumpstart kick.  It wasn’t a sure way to redemption, but it was a start to get me somewhere.

Thus began my new somewhat romance with Mr. D (not its real name, duh).

Just to get there for an 8-5, I had to wake up at 4 AM and wait in long lines for two buses.   And ,with barely any handouts, we had to rely on whatever college honed attentive listening and note taking skills we had to absorb at least four lectures a day.  Then once class was over (around 6-7 PM), we still have to read up for the next day’s lessons or quiz.  We also had, aside from lectures, skill building lessons wherein we observe and demonstrate basic nursing skills Mr. D’s way (I’ve never tied so many square knots for practice my whole life!)

In short, it was intense and arduous and I loved every minute of it.  So thank God and everyone else who helped me through it that I passed.  Yipee!

Unfortunately, I had to be held back a bit because of an old problem that Mama always said will bite me back (HARD!) in the ass one day.

That problem: my weight.


Pretty logical if you see it from their standpoint: what right does an overweight nurse have to preach about healthy lifestyle?  It’s like listening to a chain smoker talk about the negatives of smoking—you’d roll your eyes then tell him to shut up and use some breath mints.
Thank you, life, for another jumpstart kick.

So now, I’m stuck back at home, pushing myself to shed some pounds to reclaim my spot in the program.  And it’s harder than the training itself, I tell you—two months and I’m still pushing myself past then 5K plateau.

And write a little more while I’m at it.
This has been a pretty personal post to write for me, but I think I owe the blogsphere an explanation for my absence.  I know I’ll have to work double time to catch up on both blogging and the real world, but here’s me doing my best to make good of it.

To all my readers, thank you so much for sticking with me.  I hope to deliver better content through my research and my own experiences so stay tuned.

I promise, I’ll write!  (Insert pinky swear here)



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