About Writer, RN

Updated: August 23, 2015

Nurse Yen’s blog has undergone major renovation!  Wonder where we’ve heard that before? 😛

Newly dubbed as Writer, RN, this blog aims to chronicle worthwhile moments, tips and other helpful information for nurses and (freelance) writers.  After due consideration, my fiction works will be moved to another site.  Will update where as soon as it is set up.

What Writer, RN Is.

4954421-cute-baby-girl-looking-through-paper-hole-eyeA peephole into this humble blogger’s world.  I’d like to impress to my readers that they are reading about and talking to a real person, who has both strengths and faults, and who is still searching for her place in the world.  And I hope, through sharing my experiences, I can help others and learn from them as well.

All posts/articles are as thoroughly researched as possible.  I spend hours browsing the internet and some books on sources relevant to my posts, no matter what the subject.  And since I’m a nurse, I think I have some authority to write about my strongest niche, health and fitness.  But if you see anything that needs to be corrected, feel free to let me know.

Quality is King.  How a post is born usually happens like this: do research (if applicable), write draft on Notepad, do followup research, re-read/edit draft, paste on WordPress, re-read, add pics/links, preview, edit, post, re-read.  This is how dedicated I am in making sure that my posts are as high quality as I can get.

1fbdedfd4457efe8922e1c71e04c893eNiches and Topics Under the Umbrella

  • Nursing: That includes news, information, subjects, tips and tricks and other handy experiences
  • Health and Fitness: My favorite niche which includes anything under its umbrella from diets to exercise to preventive medicine to how to manage with illnesses
  • Writing: I’ll mostly be writing about helpful tips and news about freelance writing, though I may also write about fiction and even non-fiction writing techniques if I can.

Final Say

I write both to share to the world and to hear what the world thinks.  I am a growing writer and would love to hear what you guys think on my work and how I can improve.  Feel free to give me a nudge in my posts or to contact me personally via my Contact page.

Expect more from me soon!

(Images from 123rf.com and Pintrest.com)

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