About Nurse Yen

Updated: Aug 23, 2015

Hello there! 🙂

I’m Julienne aka Nurse Yen, running 26 years old, single since birth, wannabe foodie and is waging an ongoing war with her weight.  *Yaay!*

Yen HeadshotI’m a nurse who dreams of having her own psych clinic, a writer who wants to publish her own bestseller(mama always said that if you’re gonna dream, might as well dream BIG!) and an artist on the road of self discovery of her own art style, teaching herself how to use Photoshop and still stumbling around Painter (though I think I’m getting somewhere).

I’ve finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing last 2010 and have been practicing since 2011, though due to difficulties in finding and keeping nursing jobs from where I am from, my career record is less than stellar at the moment.  However, I know that I have tenacity to overcome my weaknesses and have made it my life’s mission to not let my failures define me.  My current 5 years time nursing goals are to get a stable nursing job and save up for a Psychiatric Nursing post graduate degree.

As a writer, I have been freelancing since 2013 after my first nursing job contract ended.  I have experience writing for several niches in different forms (including a stint with our reputable university wide paper) and am constantly developing my writing skills.  I also delve into fiction writing from time to time, and has finally managed to wrangle them pesky plot bunnies into one multi-tabbed One Note.

Random Tidbits About Me:

  • In addition to a Burmese kitten, I’d want to own an ermine someday.
  • Favorite foods are Nilagang bakaTinolang Manok, Pesto, 75% Dark Chocolates and Ebi Tempura
  • I practice reading the tarot, drawing and meditating in my spare time
  • Has been recently acquainted with One Piece and One Punch Man.
  • A proud trainee of T-25 by Shaun T who aims to try Insanity after graduating from the Beta Phase.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope I can keep you an interested reader throughout my adventures in two amazing worlds and my posts in the blogsphere.  More updates from me to come!

-Nurse Yen

3 thoughts on “About Nurse Yen

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  2. Hi Nurse Yen!!!
    So good to see you! I love your new blog! Looks like you have some fantastic ideas here! I just followed you – will be looking forward to your advice and writings! Wishing you all the very best 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the follow! I’m honored!
    I hope to keep you and my readers satisfied with my posts. Keep on writing as well! Your writings have been a delight to read.

    Cheers! 😀


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