For the Nurses

The Nerdy Nurse
Quirky, upbeat and written by someone I can totally relate to (NERDS ARE AWESOME!), the Nerdy Nurse contains a wealth of information for nurse to survive the profession and adapt to the latest techs being milled by the second.

Ramblings of a Twenty-something Nurse
Quirky and intuitive, this blogger’s posts are, while also fun to read, actually can teach you a thing or two about living life at its fullest and having fun while you’re at it.

Nurse Kelly Knows
A blog with both insightful everyday nursing life posts and literary bites of poetry every now and then.  A good read to fill your hours with light-hearted fun.

According to Kateri, A Blog
Kateri’s writing style is down to earth and thought provoking, motivating and powerful.  One of her most popular posts, Just A Nurse, is a must read for all nurses out there.

Marianna Crane: Nursing Stories
You can count on learning something new about the nursing field and life in general here.  Being a writer herself, Marianna has several prose, poetry and essays both on her blog and on print.

Nurse Manifest
A humanitarian blog aiming to educate and empower nurses as well as help as many people as possible.  They are open to accepting inspiring and educational stories from fellow nurses so feel free to drop them a mail.

International Academy for Nursing Editors (INANE)
A site hosting a community of nursing journals and magazines editors, you can find relevant information about the editors and their respective publications, some features and even job vacancies here.

Nursing Writing
A site focused on the technical side writing, they feature tips, guides, news and other relevant information geared to make you a productive researcher and writer for the nursing community.  Pretty helpful if you need a little help or some inspiration to get your study going.

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