Does Self-Editing Really Matter? 4 Reasons Why It Does And Help on Getting Started

Nothing ruins a good story more than having too many grammatical errors.
I’ve seen far too many variations on online works more than I thought I would: the mixing up of “their” and “they’re”, misuse of “lose” and “loose” and when you should use “its” and “it’s”. Not only do they make articles hard to read, they also give off the impression that the writer is lazy and unprofessional; someone who the audience won’t hang around for and someone clients will definitely not hire.

Because these kinds of mistakes don’t have to be there at all if only the writer took time to edit his work.  So, if you are a writer, do yourself a favor: hold onto your first draft for a while and practice self-editing.  Still need convincing?  Here are four good reasons why:

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Question: Where Can Freelancers Display Their Work Online?

A writer’s website is their online business card and portfolio in one.  In fact, some clients take you owning your site (even your own domain) as a proof of your credibility and a good measure of quality.

But what if I’m broke?  Can’t afford hosting?  Don’t know where to start?

If you think that starting your website from scratch seems overwhelming, don’t fear! There are many websites that cater to this particular need of freelancers of all kinds, from the must-go-to in the world of business, LinkedIn to our very own WordPress.  To know more about which of among the crowd is aces, you can read more here.


Many thanks to the lovely folks down at FreelancersFAQs for featuring my work.  More power to you guys!

An Outpatient Horror Story: When The People Who Should Care Suddenly Don’t

Recently, my mother, who has osteoarthritis, had a procedure done in a government facility.  It was a long way from home and my parents had to wake up at around 7 AM to make the trip, making it hard for my mother who already had pains in practically all of her limbs and then some.

Imagine my fury when my mother came back home and recounted what a terrible experience she had!

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is one of the most important diagnostic procedure, providing clearer images of your body’s circulatory and skeletal systems than those you can get from X-rays or CT scans.  However, one of the things that makes it difficult was the fact that you have to lie completely still for anywhere around half an hour to nearly two.   My mother—who was in pain in nearly every part of her body— first thought she could handle it, thinking that the procedure wouldn’t take so long (not that anyone explained that to her clearly).  But come thirty minutes later, the pain was becoming a little too much and she started calling for attention, only to get reassurances that she “only needed to lie for fifteen more minutes, and that she “just needed to hang on a little longer.”

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To My Dream Reader: 7 Ways to Help You Survive Nursing School

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Today’s Assignment: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.

3062570_1351987949343.99res_480_300At dawn, I wake on books

Pore over lectures that I

Will dream of tonight

-Nursing School Days, a Haiku

So you’ve decided to take up nursing school.  Kudos to you for taking up the road to one of the most uplifting, most rewarding yet most demanding professions in the world!

Anyone who’s ever been to nursing school knows how stressful it can be.  Whether you came in as a fresh high school graduate or an experienced employee looking for an advancement in your degree or a total career overhaul, nursing school can and will ask a lot out of you, physically, mentally and emotionally (at some point, even socially).  But if you’ve got the passion for nursing, then don’t let the hurdles of learning to be one hold you back.  It’s only for a few years so make the most out of it.  Trust me, your future self will hug you so hard in gratitude!

Here are the best tips I’ve found, and used, to help you get that hug!

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