To My Dream Reader: 7 Ways to Help You Survive Nursing School

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3062570_1351987949343.99res_480_300At dawn, I wake on books

Pore over lectures that I

Will dream of tonight

-Nursing School Days, a Haiku

So you’ve decided to take up nursing school.  Kudos to you for taking up the road to one of the most uplifting, most rewarding yet most demanding professions in the world!

Anyone who’s ever been to nursing school knows how stressful it can be.  Whether you came in as a fresh high school graduate or an experienced employee looking for an advancement in your degree or a total career overhaul, nursing school can and will ask a lot out of you, physically, mentally and emotionally (at some point, even socially).  But if you’ve got the passion for nursing, then don’t let the hurdles of learning to be one hold you back.  It’s only for a few years so make the most out of it.  Trust me, your future self will hug you so hard in gratitude!

Here are the best tips I’ve found, and used, to help you get that hug!

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When Did You Realize That You Love Being A Nurse?

The love for being a nurse can come in different ways.

It could have been a childhood romance since the days of I-wanna-be-this-when-I-grow-up kindergarten.  It could have been inspired by the sight of a nurse caring for a relative, friend or from a personal nursed back to health experience.  Or it could have been–especially for those who didn’t choose to become nurses in the first place–a slow, gradual process of falling in love, knee-deep code browns, ungodly shiftings, insufferable human beings in hospitals and all.

Personally, though, it happened for me when I was on the verge of leaving being a nurse behind for something else.

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