An Outpatient Horror Story: When The People Who Should Care Suddenly Don’t

Recently, my mother, who has osteoarthritis, had a procedure done in a government facility.  It was a long way from home and my parents had to wake up at around 7 AM to make the trip, making it hard for my mother who already had pains in practically all of her limbs and then some.

Imagine my fury when my mother came back home and recounted what a terrible experience she had!

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is one of the most important diagnostic procedure, providing clearer images of your body’s circulatory and skeletal systems than those you can get from X-rays or CT scans.  However, one of the things that makes it difficult was the fact that you have to lie completely still for anywhere around half an hour to nearly two.   My mother—who was in pain in nearly every part of her body— first thought she could handle it, thinking that the procedure wouldn’t take so long (not that anyone explained that to her clearly).  But come thirty minutes later, the pain was becoming a little too much and she started calling for attention, only to get reassurances that she “only needed to lie for fifteen more minutes, and that she “just needed to hang on a little longer.”

Forty five minutes afterwards with no help or relief in sight for her overwhelming pain, my mother begun to cry.   Continue reading

When Did You Realize That You Love Being A Nurse?

The love for being a nurse can come in different ways.

It could have been a childhood romance since the days of I-wanna-be-this-when-I-grow-up kindergarten.  It could have been inspired by the sight of a nurse caring for a relative, friend or from a personal nursed back to health experience.  Or it could have been–especially for those who didn’t choose to become nurses in the first place–a slow, gradual process of falling in love, knee-deep code browns, ungodly shiftings, insufferable human beings in hospitals and all.

Personally, though, it happened for me when I was on the verge of leaving being a nurse behind for something else.

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